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Chapter News - February 26, 2017

Ramsey County PF Donates for Land Acquisitions

Ramsey County PF Donates for Land Acquisitions

Date: Sunday, February 26, 2017

Thanks to the generosity generosity of our membership at last year's banquet, our Chapter was able to donate to two (2) land purchases over the past year!  Will put links up to these sites when available through the Minnesota DNR.

In the middle of 2016 we donated $1,000.00 towards acquisition of a 72 acre parcel in Kandiyohi County known as the Lake Eleanor WMA.  This property is just south of Wilmar and about 100 miles from Saint Paul.  This was a high priority project for PF where the local chapter lacked the financial ability to close the deal on their own.

Within the past month, we donated $1,000.00 for the Princeton Project, also known as the Steinhagen acquisition. This property is adjacent to the Kunkel WMA. It is a 130 acre property SW of the Mille Lacs WMA.  This project is approximately 70 miles from Saint Paul and was also the result of numerous Minnesota chapters helping the local chapter to get the deal done!

As the RCPF Board evaluates, and even seeks out, opportunities to help put dollars into land - we try to evaluate the attractiveness of the parcel to our members including reasonable proximity for Ramsey County hunters.  We hope that RCPF members take advantage of the opportunity to hunt land that YOU helped acquire!
A special thanks to Will Clayton, our Regional Representative at Pheasants Forever, for making these happen!