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Chapter News - October 08, 2016

RCPF 2016 Mentored Pheasant Hunt

RCPF 2016 Mentored Pheasant Hunt

Date: Saturday, October 08, 2016

The Ramsey County Chapter of Pheasants Forever was excited to introduce seven (7) youth and novice hunters to the thrill of the flush - pheasant hunting!  It was a great morning at the hunt club and in the field!

We started out the day by discussing gun safety, and particularly with regard to line hunting and having a dog working the birds.  Each of the hunters shot some clay at the range to warm up - it was after all a fairly chilly morning!  Then it was off to our designated hunting fields.

Our Chapter had two (2) fields adjacent to each other.  Each field was assigned a dog handler, a dog, and a field supervisor.  The dog handler was tasked with working the dog, and the field handler was responsible for monitoring the new hunters, giving them advice, educating them on bird and dog behavior, and keepting everyone safe.

Our group harvested 11 pheasants between the 7 hunters! Everyone enjoyed some shooting and learned about pheasant behavior and dog handling.  After the hunt we went to the clubhouse for some hamburgers with sauted mushrooms and onion, cheese, lettuce, tomatoe and beverages.  A nice rewared for several hours in the field.

After lunch we demonstrated to the group a couple options for cleaning birds.  Everyone brought home a bird or two.  The next day, we sent out an email to the participants - including several of our favorite recipes for cooking pheasant!  The participants literally got to experience pheasant hunting from A-Z and everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves.  This needs to be one of the top priorities for our Chapter - teaching youth and novice hunters how rewarding a day in the field can truly be!